Luke’s Crush

So they had Curriculum Night at Luke’s school. I’d already met his teacher at Open House so Whit was going to this event to meet her. We noticed that Luke looked distracted and worried. I assumed that he’d gotten into some type of mischief that he didn’t want his daddy to know about.

Luke: Do you have to go Daddy?

Whit: What’s wrong son, did you get in trouble?

Luke: No, it’s just that…she’s really pretty. Promise me you won’t flirt with her.

Whit: (struggling not to laugh) Okay.

Me: So Luke, did you not want Daddy to meet her for my sake or yours?

Luke: (pausing to think for a minute) Both.

5 thoughts on “Luke’s Crush

  1. OMG!!! That is too funny and so cute. Luke is looking out for his family! You go Luke. SMART kid.

  2. OMG! Too funny and so cute. Luke is looking out for his family. I love it! Luke is very SMART!

  3. For a boy whom I’m guessing is about 7 or 8, he has the awareness of a much older young man! From what I’ve seen you post about your family, I don’t get the sense your husband is a flirt, but your son is aware of the potential for it and realizes, it seems, that he is at a disadvantage in competing for attention, as he is so much younger! And yet, he realizes that should your husband be flirtatious, that could also pose a threat to you. Very consciencious and sweet!

  4. Luke is very insightful to the point that he literally frightens me sometimes. He’s also very empathic for one so young. There’s definitely an old soul there.

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