I Swear He’s NOT Foaming at the Mouth

Poor little guy is teething. He’s drooling and chewing everything in sight! Went to the doctor Tuesday, he had to have shots. He looked up at me and looked so betrayed. I told Whit he has to take him next time I can’t handle it. He weighs almost seventeen pounds and is almost twenty-seven inches long. He’s in the 95th percentile for height and the 90th for weight. Yeah, he’s going to be another big’un. I’ve got to work on my weight training for real though. I can barely lift him.

6 thoughts on “I Swear He’s NOT Foaming at the Mouth

  1. He’s four months old. I love the expression on his face. I’m the world’s worst photographer, so it takes about 500 shots for me to get one good one. Just sad.

  2. Adorable. He looks like a happy baby. And he looks so much like his big brother too. Come to think of it, how is Mr. Luke adjusting to all of this?

  3. Luke is great. Loves his baby brother and loves to help me take care of him. At first there was a bit of regression, but nothing like what I was anticipating. He’s still an attention hog, but he was that before the baby was born. 😀

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