Lisa G.’s Latest

(She hates when I call her that. Makes her sound like she’s on Jersey Shore. Which is, of course, why I call her that. She’s such a lady, and I’m so…not.) Anyway, her new book After the Morning After drops tomorrow from Loose Id and it’s my fave from her in a long time. Well, for one thing she actually let me read it. She got pissed at me for no reason when I was reading Do Me Right and hasn’t let me read anything since. Okay, in the interest of full disclosure I admit that I might have called her  screaming about one of the scenes and it might have been about 2 am, but man can she hold a grudge. After the Morning After features one sexy Asian Indian software engineer (by way of Athens Georgia) who is funny as hell and did I mention sexy? Love. Love. Love this book.

4 thoughts on “Lisa G.’s Latest

  1. Okay, I don’t know whether to yell at you or thank you! But since I’m supposed to be such the lady, I’ll say thank you. Thank you, Ros, you’re too kind and…too talkative.

  2. Ha ha 🙂 lol
    You two are funny:)
    Thanls Roslyn for the notice,thanks Lisa for the book(going to take a look now)

  3. See i toldja, total lady. That’s why mama always loved her best…Oh yeah, that’s right, we’re not actually sisters. We just play sisters on the interwebs.

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