The One Where She Cuts All Her Hair Off

Yep, I have about an inch of hair covering my scalp. It’s kinda strange to go from waist-length locs to NO HAIR in one afternoon. I had no choice. My hair always thins after I have a baby and the bases of my locs had gotten so thin they were starting to break. Whit assures me that I’m still sexy, but I’m thinking not so much. I have a mirror and right now I see a fat, bald, leaky mess. (Can you tell I’m a bit bummed about the whole thing? And no I will not be posting pictures. I look like I got the worse end of a fight with a flock of chickens.)  It’s REALLY bad. Normally I like having a TWA, but my hairline is gone as well and is VERY gray. I seriously look like I’ve had chemo and know I’ll get LOTS of questions. I can’t color right now because the hair coming in is very delicate. So I’m hitting the rosemary and coconut oil hard. Someone suggested taking biotin, but I don’t know whether that’s okay for a nursing mama. Any other ideas?

9 thoughts on “The One Where She Cuts All Her Hair Off

  1. Firstly, I’m sure it’s not as bad as you’re trying (note: trying) to make it seem. After all, *looking around here* you are a drama queen. Now..that said..the BC can take some getting used to; even for the best of us. I haven’t met anyone who did it and just rolled out without analyzing “edges”, head size/shape, etc. Chile, chill.

  2. I have alopecia and for years I did a comb over, wigs, weave, and spent hundreds of dollars trying to get my hair to grow back. One evening I was going to meet some friends for happy hour after work and had a long wait. I found myself sitting outside the beauty parlor/barber shop, thinking about how tired I am of trying to cover my bald patches. I got out of my car walked into the salon, talked with the barber, and had it all cut off- I mean not even fuzz. Went to happy hour and had the best times. I finally felt free. I let my hair grow sometimes and maybe rock a weave, but it isn’t long before I feel like I’m suffocating and I cut it again.
    I know that you know that it’ll grow back stronger from past experiences, but
    Isn’t it great though to have someone in your corner especially when you feel your worst while you go through it?

  3. I big chopped and didn’t look back. The first time I HAD to I was a 14 year old high school freshman that received a bad relaxer. It was EXTREMELY traumatic. Everyone told me I had a beautiful face and looked like Shari Belafonte but I wasn’t hearing it. It took an entire school year to adjust to it. But then it grew on me and I learned to love short hair on me. I understand how you feel and if you don’t like it, at least you don’t have to go to work everyday. Chill at home and grow it back out to a length and look you’re good with.

  4. Sorry you’re not liking it. Time is the only other suggestion I have. I had two thin spots when I first cut my locs ( from stress, scratching etc.) and I feel like I can still see them 7 months later. No one else does. So I just try to ignore it cause clearly, I’m crazy and just being hyper critical about it. Otherwise I’ve been loving my cut and go get faded up faithfully ever other week. We’re friends on FB so check out pics if you like. Also maybe peruse napturality dot com if you have a free moment. There may be some good advice in there.

  5. I feel your pain. Three weeks ago I got an unexpected big chop and I am still bitter about it. How ever, my hair is growing back quickly. I’m not sure if this had anything to do with accelerating the growth or not, but I was constantly massaging my head with my tangle teaser. Any time I was just sitting down watching tv, I was running the tangle teaser through my hair, umm along my scalp. I didn’t have enough hair to use a detangling comb after bc, two weeks later, I couldn’t massage my scalp for hair. It’s still short, but it’s really thick.

    I also stopped using petroleum and mineral oil. Switching to natural oils and butters has helped my hair a lot. As for the graying issue…consider henna hair masks or glosses. A lot of naturals claim henna helps the hair, and has the side benefit of naturally coloring the hair.

  6. Yeah, I started using natural oils when I big chopped back in 98. I use olive oil as a hot oil treatment and spritz with coconut oil and water every day. I thought about getting some henna, but I’ve always heard it’s a PITA to use. I’ll look into it.

  7. Aww, Roz. At least summer is a good time to have a TWA? I had to cut off my hair some time ago (longer and breaking), and now, with me washing it daily and just letting it live, it’s growing like a bush.

    I think the heat and water will be enough for your hair right now, along with a little natural butters or oil to moisterise.

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