Working on Dark Star

This book has been rattling around in my head for so long that writing it feels almost like I’m channeling someone else. I haven’t had a book come this easy since…well, never. As you know I like to have people in mind for my character descriptions. These have been in my head for about six years now as well. I’m sure that neither Goapele or Galen Gering look this way now, but this is how I picture these characters in my head. Nate you might remember from Try a Little Tenderness, as he helps Lola and Koss escape from the bad guys. He’s also mentioned briefly in Rock Star. He’s Tonya’s old college boyfriend who supposedly went off to join the Peace Corps…or not. Well now it’s nearly fifteen years later and Tonya is the author of a hit mystery series. And Nate, well, right now he’s just trying to keep her from becoming a casualty of his decade-long battle with his nemesis. This story is very complex and I’ve wondered if I have the chops to write. Oh well, if I don’t I can be sure nobody else does either. So there you go.

This story was inspired by an article I read in Vanity Fair about the nefarious activities in the Triple Border region of South America. The article was written by the love of my life, Sebastian Junger and is absolutely fascinating. I’m trying to capture that same level of excitement in my book. I hope I succeed.

9 thoughts on “Working on Dark Star

  1. As soon as I get my kindle, I’m going to buy it, roz. I hope your new addition to the family is healthy and happy.

  2. Ros,

    I have no doubt that you do indeed have it in you to write this book. I look forward to reading it when it’s complete. 🙂

  3. 1. I like the new page design. Whoever did it, is an artist.
    2. Thanks for the gorgeous eye candy this morning. I believe I’m going have to re-read Try a Little Tenderness, so with this picture of Nate in my head.
    3. I know you have the chops. Each of your books have kept me entertained and enthralled with the plots and twist.

  4. Thanks much Spring. My husband designed it, I’ll be sure to tell him you like it. Thank you (and everyone else) for your confidence in me. I’m very excited about this book.

  5. I love your books! I think I have read and re-read them about 3 or 4 or more times! You are soooo, ultra talented!

    I CANNOT wait for “Dark Star!” Thank you for providing a picture for the characters! I remember them both from my many, many re-reads 🙂

    Keep up the AWESOME work you do! I appreciate your talent!

  6. Agree with everyone. Can’t wait. Am so going to reread Try A Little Tenderness, even though it wasn’t a favourite of mine(abuse theme….)
    Also where can I write my review of Buttercream?. You may not like it though(some parts, ie!)

  7. You can write it anywhere you like. Facebook if you don’t have a blog. It’ll be on Amazon in a few weeks, that’s a good spot. What didn’t you like abut it.

  8. Hello I’m Kris and a big, big BIG fan of Rock Star, I was wondering if we are gonna get more Storm Crow, still waitin on Thads story and would love to check in with Bryan and Callie and the twins, I’m just sayin….

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