Post Pregnancy

Now that Kell is sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches, I’m starting to feel a bit more human. I’ll be released by the doctor on Tuesday and look forward to starting my exercise routine back up. I haven’t worked out since last August. Fortunately I only gained 22 pounds and have already dropped those, but I was twenty pounds heavier than I would like anyway. So I still need to lose those and that will only happen if I get to moving my butt. My incision is still a bit tender. I don’t remember it being that way after Luke, but it’s been almost seven years, so I might have forgotten. I’ll probably ease into it with really short walks until I work that soreness out.

I don’t have stroller right now. Frankly I didn’t think I’d need one since we don’t have sidewalks and I don’t really go to the mall, but now I’m thinking I’ll invest in one, even though I’ll have to drive to a neighborhood with sidewalks to go walking. (Reason #903 to hate Atlanta.) I’m thinking about this stroller. We already have the car seat, which, btw I love like buttercream frosting.

Chicco Stroller

I’m also thinking about getting this baby carrier so I can wear the baby. These are so convenient when you just need to run into a store for a few items. Or even when you’re doing housework. I think this one is pretty and easy to use.

Baby Carrier

Of course, all this talk may be for naught. After all my posts about diaper bags, I wound up with this one, which wasn’t even one that I posted. I love the hell out of it, as well.

Diaper Bag

2 thoughts on “Post Pregnancy

  1. I just finished Stolen. It was awesome! Thank you for such great stories. I’ve been a fan of your writing since Rock Star and have reread it many times over. You really have a gift for writing. What I really like about your stories is the uniqueness you bring to the IR genre. It’s not just boy and girl meet then have sex and ride off into the sunset. Your stories have plots and realistic characters. If you continue to write and publish, I will continue to purchase your books. You have a gift!

  2. Thank you so very much. I’m so glad you enjoyed Stolen and took the time to let me know. I love historicals, but sometimes they’re a hard sell.

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