Belly Binding

The women in my family always bound their bellies after childbirth. That might explain why my mama still had a 19″ waist after ten pregnancies! I remember driving her to New Jersey to bind my niece after she had her first child. Unfortunately my mama’s not around anymore to help me with this. I didn’t do it after the Luke because I had a c-section and was under the impression that it wouldn’t be a good idea. But I remember that awful “OMG my guts are going to fall out,” feeling and think this might help.

My mama just used a couple yards of muslin that she washed several times to soften, and that’s my first inclination. They have all kinds of fancy ones now, but they’re kinda pricey and you have to have more than one as your belly shrinks. Goodness knows I have plenty of muslin fabric as I buy it in bulk for quilting. I think I remember enough about how my mama wrapped my niece to do it myself. The wrap went from just at the bikini line to right under the bust, maybe a little lower, and she had her lie down on the bed while she pinned it in the back with diaper pins. I’m thinking that maybe I could use velcro to fasten mine, and I wonder if I can do it in the front so I can take it off an on more easily. I’ll have to experiment. As I get smaller I’ll just make new ones. I think I remember that she wore it for six weeks. Amazingly all the women in my family (except me) have flat bellies, including my sister who had twins. So I think this is worth a shot.

6 thoughts on “Belly Binding

  1. I have never heard of belly binding either….but I sure wish I had after having three c-sections!! Hmmmm… youngest is 11 years-old….guess it’s too late for me now. 🙂

  2. My grandmother bound me after my c-section. I was walking doubled over after I got home from the hospital. She brought over an ACE bandage and wrapped me over. I had that “OMG My guts are going to fall out” feeling too. And when she did it, I could stand straight up and I felt so much better!

  3. See, I wish I’d had enough sense to think of an ACE bandage. That was the worst feeling in the world. I can’t believe they don’t wrap you more securely in the hospital. I literally had like three strips of surgical tape and that was it. Absolutely horrible. I think I might try the ACE bandage immediately after I get home, then switch to the muslin for everyday wear.

  4. That’s truly someold school stuff right there. I wish I still had my grandma so I could ask her things and take notes. I remember her binding my belly AND then my mom made me wear the girdle with no legs and hooks hanging down. She also binded (sp?) the baby’s belly button. And put some alum on it. and my ni.p.s. for nursing.

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