Baby Clothes

I just bought a bunch  of baby clothes over at the Carter’s site. Don’t you just love this outfit for my “War Eagle” baby? Conceived the year Auburn won the national title, and oddly enough no one’s suggested any Auburn related names. I just love the little cap.

Of course I couldn’t resist the set with a “rock star” theme.

I bought seven little outfits, that’ll be enough for the first month or so. He’ll be growing so fast he’ll be out of them in no time. For the first months I primarily just let Luke wear a onesie most of the time anyway. Will probably do the same with Kell. Still looking for a pretty smocked bubble for Easter Sunday though. I’m so excited to have a new baby to show off at Easter. I can’t believe Whit is over his anti-smocking bias. He wouldn’t let Luke wear anything smocked, I’ll probably lose my mind with this baby.

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