Diaper Bags: The Final Chapter

Well after much consideration as to how this family rolls I’ve concluded that a pretty diaper bag won’t cut the muster. What with sippy cups and matchbox cars and that entire month I was hauling a robot around (don’t ask), my dainty little bag would be in shreds in weeks. I’ve concluded that I need two bags. I like the idea of a backpack  that holds lots of stuff, especially for when we’re out all day and for road trips. And a smaller one that I can just “grab and go.” I think I’ve found both at Land’s End. This one can be a backpack or a shoulder bag, and I think it’ll hook conveniently over the headrest of the car for roadtrips. Land’s End stuff is durable, Luke has a duffel bag that his dad hauled around for twenty years and it’s still in good shape.

And I like this little one for everyday use. Especially since I won’t be hauling bottles or anything. Best of all, I can get BOTH bags for $65.




This concludes the diaper bag search portion of our program. Thank you for your support. Next week stay tuned for the Great Stroller Quest.

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