Week 29: It’s a Date!!!

Well, as you can see I’ve officially entered the “OMG I’m As Big as an Effing House” phase of this pregnancy. If all goes well I’ll be having a c-section on April 8th, pending the outcome of the amniocentesis I’ll have the previous day. I’m now seeing my OB every two weeks, but I don’t see the perinatologist again until mid-March. Then I’ll start seeing both every week until I deliver. Had another glucose tolerance test and it was even better than the previous one. All in all, other than being tired of being pregnant, this pregnancy is going well. I’m still on partial-bedrest (SUX!), and struggling with heartburn and nausea, but other than that, it’s all good.

Oh, and Whit has advised that I’m no longer allowed to wear the T-shirt in the photo out in public without a jacket. Uh Whit, the only person who thinks a 46 year old pregnant woman sexy is the person who knocked her up. Everyone else is trying to get out of her way. Ugh!!

7 thoughts on “Week 29: It’s a Date!!!

  1. Totally awesome. I’m so looking forward. Thanks for all the updates, even if I haven’t been posting, read your blog as often as I can and am soooooooooo your biggest fan in almost all your cyber endeavours. Your hubby’s right though, I got lots of flirts while pregnant and huge ta tas are one of the biggest turn ons for ALL males, irrespective of sexual orientation!. So take heed!.

    Keep posting and I’ll keep reading and am so much looking forward to the birth and a new book!

  2. Congrats! You do not look like a house, you look beautiful 🙂

    (And no I was not sucking up to be fairy cyber-Godmother, even though I asked before and you seem to ignoring me… phewy )

    Anyway, Luke must be excited. Will hubby be taking paternal leave? if he can, he should. 🙂

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