Is It Just Me, or Are Baby Clothes Just Not Cute Anymore?

This is a major dilemma. I’ve been wandering around trying to get a layette together and I’ve been struck by the fact that the clothes just aren’t as cute as they were when I had Luke. I mean it’s always been hard to find cute stuff for boy babies, but this is absolutely insane. I’m fairly disciplined about it, especially in those first few weeks when you don’t really need anything but onesies and sleepers, but I would like a few cute outfits for church and doctor visits. My two go-to places Little Me and Gymboree don’t seem to have anything. I loved Parisian when I had Luke and of course, they are no more. Does anyone know of a place to find cute (reasonably priced) boy baby clothes? This is seriously harshing my mellow.

5 thoughts on “Is It Just Me, or Are Baby Clothes Just Not Cute Anymore?

  1. I haven’t looked at a lot of baby clothes lately. But when I walk pass Gap Baby, the styling in the window makes me swoon and my ovaries ache. LOL

  2. Carters has cute clothing, you can find them at Macys and Kohls(also at Carters stores ) I think the dept stores are cheaper.
    Gap and Target.

  3. Cute clothes for little girls seem to be in ready supply, but I’d had to shop hard to find clothing for my son that wasn’t all baseballs and/or sailboats. I’ve lucked up in Burlington Coat Factory and gotten lots of Carter’s clothing for cheap. And for things like one piece fleece sleepers BJ’s and Sam’s Club have been amazing – never more than $7 each.

  4. Wal-Mart has some really cute baby clothes the trick is finding the right store, Carters carries some very cute baby clothes, I always go to an aoutlet mall when looking for carter, some of them are very resaonable

  5. I agree 100%. even for girl baby clothes. Carter’s used to be adorable and now it is ordinary. Same even with baby gap right now. My theory is it’s the economy and designers not being hired who are talented and costly.

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