More Diaper Baggage

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Boxy Backpack - Moroccan Mint

This is the bag I really, really want. Yes, it’s crazy spendy, but I’ll be carrying the darned thing for THREE YEARS. What do y’all think? Is it crazy to spend $169 for a diaper bag? And also, which one do y’all like best? (Note: I adore the fourth, but it’s not coated canvas and you know that would be a mess. A dry clean only diaper bag? Uh, no.)

4 thoughts on “More Diaper Baggage

  1. I like the second one but you should go with what you like. $169 for a diaper bag, hmm? Could you use after the diapering is over? That would make a difference in whether or not to buy it.

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