Diaper Bags

Petunia Pickle Bottom 'Sashay' Organic Cotton Baby Bag One Size

Now that I’ve come to my senses and realized that I’m probably going to have a baby sometime in April I’ve been thinking about something that nearly drove me nuts with Luke: A diaper bag. Last time someone gave me this ugly black diaper bag. It was functional and convenient and best of all it wasn’t something Whit would be embarrassed to carry. Well, I decided this time I’m getting a nice bag and I’ll just have to get Whit one of these:













Only thing is, well this conversation will suffice.

Me: (watching Whit preparing to take 10 month old Luke to the park. He stuffs a diaper in his back pocket and a bottle in his jacket pocket and he’s off) Honey, don’t you want to take the diaper bag? Are you sure you’ll be okay with just one diaper?

Whit: (with a shrug) If he goes through more than one diaper, it’s time to come home.

So, it goes without saying that there really is no point in getting a diaper bag that Whit will use, as according to him, that’s what pockets are for. Bottom line is, he’s not a Diaper Dude kind of dude.

I really love the bag up top. It’s especially neat as it converts to a backpack, very convenient for when the baby starts walking and you don’t have a hand to spare. Kind of pricey at $85, but not bad for something I’ll probably be carrying for at least three years.

Of course, I might prefer something a little less diaper baggish looking. This one is quite stylish. Of course the nearly $400 price tags puts it well out of my range.

Then there’s this bag that was carried by, who else Jennifer Lopez. Italian leather of course, but with a convenient vinyl lining. At $1250 it’s a bag that only La Lopez could carry.




One thought on “Diaper Bags

  1. I think for my Mr. I just had an old black school backpack full of the necessities. Sometimes I still have a fairly little one who just takes a toddler backpack with a change of clothes and diapers and wipes.

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