I Think This Might Be the Quilt

This is the quilt as originally conceived. It’s almost identical to the one that is currently on Luke’s bed.

His great-aunt Ellen gave me that top which was originally pieced by his paternal great-grandmother. It wasn’t complete, but I was fortunate enough to find retro-1930s fabric to fill it out. You really can’t tell the difference. The first year after I finished it he slept under it every night no matter how hot it was. When I tried to take it off he said, “I have to sleep under it Mama. It means you love me.” (Yeah I cried, I’m such a wuss).

Anyway, that quilt has 28 blocs with 36 squares to the block. I’m not that great a strip-piecer (It’s a bear to line those boxes up on the machine when you set the blocks together, no biggee by hand), so I came up with a solution.

By adding 14 half-square triangle blocks I literally cut my work in half. Piecing those will take no time at all, and I don’t have to worry about aligning all those 2″ squares on the machine.

It’ll probably take me a couple of weekends and before you know it I’ll have a 48″ x 84″ quilt top. God only knows when I’ll have time to quilt it, but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it! 😀 What do y’all think?

4 thoughts on “I Think This Might Be the Quilt

  1. That is going to be fabulous. One solution to quilting would be to use small, color coordinated buttons (of course, using the extra strong hand quilting thread to tie them in place so they wouldn’t be a choking hazard).

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw that was “That’s ALOT of squares”.

    I think it will be beautiful. Me, I think I’ll stick to crazy quilts so I don’t have to worry about cutting squares and lining things up.

    Looking forward to a pic of the new baby sleeping under it.

    Luke is too cute. I plan on making quilts for each of my children, and precisely for the reason he stated. I want them to have a part of me that they can use through childhood, college, their first apartment. I imagine by the time they get married it will be relegated to the guest room or as a throw on the couch in the den, but that’s ok.

  3. See, that’s funny because I don’t have the patience to make the beautiful clothes that you do. Maybe someday we need to trade services. Quilting is my meditation. Fashion sewing makes me nervous and anxious.

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