26 Weeks Pregnant

Sorry no pictures, and it’s all Erica Bs fault! (Yes, I’m feeling self-conscious about the cleanliness of my bathroom, especially since it hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned since I went on bedrest.)

As y’all know I’ve been pregnant for some time now. You know when it finally dawned on me that I’m going to have a baby? LAST NIGHT. Yeah, dumb I know, but up until week 24 I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen. Not surprising given my track record, but dang I’m definitely old enough to know better. So, I was panic attack city when it dawned on me that I have absolutely nothing for this baby. Zilch. Today I’m off to the fabric store to get started on this thing. Haven’t bought a crib yet, but at least I can make the poor baby some sheets!

Last week I had to go to the doctor because all of a sudden I developed severe nausea. Turns out the heartburn I’ve been dealing with from the beginning was making me sick. The doctor gave me some meds and I feel much better. But get this, instead of having the baby at 38 weeks, he advised it would probably be more like 36. What?!? So I have two less weeks to get all this stuff that I hadn’t even thought about until now. Oy vey.

Friday night I took Luke to his basketball game, coming out the church he took off running across the parking lot. I was so busy screaming at him, that I tripped and did a face-plant up the steps onto the sidewalk. Somehow I managed not to fall on my belly, but my knee, left arm and chin took the brunt of it. Next time I think I’ll let him get him by a car.

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