Mothering In These Icy Times

Whit: Honey, why don’t you get the recycling bin lid and let Luke sled down our front yard?

Me: Uh, because we have a 4′ x 6′ picture window in the front of our house. Call me crazy, but I prefer him with a head.

Whit: Oh the holly bushes will stop him long before he hits the glass.

4 thoughts on “Mothering In These Icy Times

  1. Dads are awesome, they encourage the risk-taker in all of us. LOL. If my dad hadn’t done that I would never learned to ride my bike without the training wheels.

  2. Thank God, children have mother’s because dads seem to only see the grand adventure. Mama’s see the blood and gore and hours in the emergency room waiting to get stitches with that same gung-ho kid balling his eyes out.

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