Hedgehog Plush

Isn’t he adorable? I’ve wanted one since I saw it on Color Splash. It comes from Ikea and is only $20. The only problem is that the darned thing is inflatable, and wouldn’t last a day if Kell is anything like Luke. I made Luke a giant dinosaur a couple of Christmases ago and he still loves to play with it. Of course he kicks and punches the darned thing, but apparently that’s the point. I think I’d like to try to make this for Kell’s nursery. I can’t find a pattern for it, but it seems kind of simple to draft. The back looks like a hexagon, and the sides are trapezoids. Having made a grandmother’s flower garden quilt I’m pretty sure I can do it. What do y’all think?

3 thoughts on “Hedgehog Plush

  1. That is cute it’s too bad I don’t have little babies in my family anymore. I have toddler grown people, they only want electronics LOL.

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