Nickelodeon Features Sexual Harassment, Seriously?

Normally I only allow Luke to watch PBS shows. I hate those so-called kids channels that are nothing  more than continuous commercials. Well yesterday, PBS only had adult programming on, and I wasn’t feeling so hot, so when he asked to watch “Penguins of Madagascar” I agreed. After all I was in the room and could click off any commercials, and I remembered that it was a kids movie, so how bad could the TV show be? Suffice it to say I should’ve known better.

A little background: Of late, my son has been absolutely girl crazy. He sees pretty girls on TV and starts ooohing and aaahing and sometimes even cat-calling. Well, I nipped that in the bud with a quickness. And explained how degrading and downright scary that kind of behavior can be to a young lady. It’s perfectly okay to appreciate feminine beauty, but a gentleman keeps his comments to himself. Well, imagine my surprise when this television show featured a lemur looking creature cat-calling at what looked like a Stepford Wife robot of some type. If I’d had a Nickelodeon executive at hand (isn’t Nick Cannon like the CEO of programming or something?) I would’ve beaten the all-living hell out of him. It goes without saying that they’re going to get a really ugly letter from me today.

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