Low Amniotic Fluid

Well, looks like it’ll be a Charlie Brown Christmas after all. Doctor wants me off my feet as much as possible and not doing anything that’s not necessary. Apparently she doesn’t consider baking an Italian Cream cake necessary. I told her I’ve got company coming. She said, “Good, then they can take care of you. You’re carrying precious cargo that you worked darned hard to get.” Fortunately presents are all bought and wrapped, but the house is a mess, and I haven’t cooked anything yet. But when your doctor looks like Janine Turner and acts like Hillary Clinton you do what she says and nobody gets hurt.

5 thoughts on “Low Amniotic Fluid

  1. …AND YOU’D BETTER LISTEN!! I talked to Lisa yesterday and she told me how you’ve been running around. Take. It. Easy. No pie is that important, and to hell with the messy house. Make your guest clean it. Make it a game. Whoever clean best gets their unwrapped Christmas present.

  2. You better listen to your doctor!!!! Don’t raise my pressure!!!!

    Sorry please listen to the dr, If I lived closer I would come help you out.
    Just rest and relax please.

  3. Listen to your doctor and increase your water intake exponentially. Yeah, you’ll have to get up to pee a lot but it should help your amniotic fluid level.

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