Can You Feel It?

I haven’t been sleeping well since I got pregnant, in fact I haven’t been sleeping at all. I’ve dozed here and there, but haven’t had any true REM sleep in weeks. Suffice it to say, I’ve been crazy tired. So last night I was so tired I went to bed at 6:00, and without dinner. Whit said I slept so soundly I didn’t even notice when he came to bed. That’s unusual for me as I’m a very light sleeper. Up until now I hadn’t really felt the baby kick. Well, all that changed last night. It felt as though he suddenly decided to become a Brazilian soccer player, and he kept it up for the rest of the night. I couldn’t do anything but laugh. I’ve been waiting for weeks, and the one night I was finally sleeping soundly he woke me up. Obviously a harbinger of things to come!

3 thoughts on “Can You Feel It?

  1. that’s usually how things works out it does seem. I’m only 15 weeks and already can’t wait to feel my little one kick me.

  2. It’s kind of scary when they show their contrary nature this early on…LOL. I always loved feeling them kick. The nights they decided to try and imitate an alien attempting to exit my abdomen…not so much.

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