It’s a Boy!!!

And no, I’m not going to show you the photographic evidence! -lol- This is so exciting. For one thing, I get to remain the Queen Bee of all I survey, but I think it’ll be cool for Luke to have a big brother. Now the name search begins. We’ve had a girl name for years, but hadn’t really thought of a boy name. Right now Kell (Kale) is leading it for me. Celt is good too. We also like Rafe. Kirk could be a contender, but when you already have one kid named Luke it’s kind of sad to name the other Kirk. Yes, my husband is the world’s biggest science fiction geek, but there’s no reason to brand BOTH kids with that.

What one-syllable, four-letter boy names do you like?  (Thank God Cam only has three letters, or I’d be stuck for sure!) No, I don’t know why we like four-letter, one-syllable names, but it’s not changing now.



6 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!!!

  1. One syllable, huh? I was going to suggest “Aragorn”. “Spock” is one syllable. So is “Troi”, of course you want to use the “y” instead of the “i” on the end. There’s “John” and “Dave” and “Mac” and “Beau”.

  2. Congratulations on your second boy!! I have two boys and I’m really enjoying it right now. My nearly 2 year old is having a verbal explosion and my 5 week old is just happy to get mama milk, kisses, and be dry. My oldest just comes up to me and gives me kisses or pats his brother affectionately. He is so sweet! My youngest gives me a smile and he’s starting to laugh a bit as well. You’re going to really enjoy it. I love my boys.

  3. Congratulations Roslyn, that’s awesome. I like John, yes it’s vanilla but it’s good strong name. I also like Scott and Todd, ok I like wonder bread white name so sue me LOL. Good luck with a house full of boys.

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