I had no intention of doing anything for Thanksgiving this year. Usually we go to Whit’s folks back in Huntsville or Florida, but since I refuse to leave my doctors that’s not going to happen. Luke will probably go so he can spend time with his cousins. Anyway, I’d envisioned Whit and I having a lovely dinner at one of the restaurants around here. I should’ve known better. The boy looked at me like I blasphemed against the Holy Ghost at the mere suggestion. That being the case and given that I still tire very easily, I will be starting my Thanksgiving cooking this weekend. Since Auburn plays Alabama the following weekend (For those not from the SEC, envision the biggest sports rivalry you’ve ever seen, Celtics/Lakers in the 80s. USA/USSR in the 70s, etc… then quadruple it and add copious amount of fried food and liquor. That’s the Alabama/Auburn game), anyway I’m thinking about doing a tapas thing. I’ll make my usual Thanksgiving deal; turkey, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, etc… Bake a cake and a pie and maybe some cookies. Then I need some little things that I can add to that to get us through the weekend WITHOUT any additional cooking. Usually we just go with leftovers, but I think we’ll probably have company at some point and I DO NOT want to cook. I think I’ll get my baking and the additional nibble out of the way this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Ugh. Silly me had to go and volunteer to have Thanksgiving at our house. Our last house had two ovens, this one has one. I managed last year, but this year I’m having more people. Ugh. I’m kind of excited but sort of dreading it, as I always forget how much work it is.

    I just realized yesterday I need to finalize my shopping list and get everything this weekend. Including extra place settings. Did I say “Ugh” yet?

    Although I agree with Whit about the restaurant thing. We had Thanksgiving out once, and even though there was extended family there, it just felt weird.

    Happy cooking, and take lots of naps!

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