Dutch Ovens

I’ve wanted a second dutch oven like forever. The truth of the matter is though that I never could justify it. After all, we are a family of three, and I have a stock pot. When would I ever use a second dutch oven? I would always ask myself. Well a couple of week ago I found out. I’d been feeling kind of illish and hadn’t been cooking. Whit had been picking up fast food for a couple of days and I hate for them to eat that crap. So knowing I had a cold coming on, I decided to cook up several dinners at once. Once I had the collard greens and the Tuscan potato soup on there was nowhere to put the chili. So, I really do need a second dutch oven.

I’ve lusted after this red one since birth, and I hope to get it for Christmas since I won’t be getting an iPad. (Hey, you have to give up something when you’re blessed with a second child you thought you’d never have.)

2 thoughts on “Dutch Ovens

  1. I’ve got one and they’re awesome for stews and true, mighty pricey. Still, hope you’ll get your wish…..

  2. I just bought a Dutch Oven from the Rachel Ray collection, it’s great. There’s only two of us but my fiancee is a big Scandanavian descent meat and potatoes farm boy so he loves some stew. Even if there’s only three of you, they are great. I think the one I have is 5.5 quarts there are some bigger ones but yea there is only the two of us. Hope you got one, they are wonderful.

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