Almost Four Months Pregnant

Supposedly the baby is now the size of an apple. So could someone explain to me why I’m the size of a bus? I hadn’t planned to post this picture, for one thing I need a color touch-up like damn and whoa. Of course, I won’t be coloring until after the baby is born, but all that gray makes me look like my child’s grandmother. I realized that I don’t have any pictures of myself from when I was pregnant with Luke. When I saw this picture I understood why. I don’t get a cute little “baby bump” like normal pregnant women. I get a “baby barrel”– just round all the way around. Not a good look.

Interestingly enough I’ve only gained five pounds. What’s really funny is that I had forgotten that I was down twenty pounds before I got pregnant. It’s only recently been cool enough to wear jeans again, and I remembered that I liked some maternity jeans I’d gotten from the Gap. So I ordered a pair online. I ordered one size larger than my previous size because Gap jeans run a bit small. Got them home and pulled them on, they literally fell off me. Freaked me out for a minute until I remembered I’d lost weight. Well, after the pain of returning them I just got a pair of jeans at Target where I can actually try the damned things on.

Why oh why don’t stores have maternity clothes anymore? It’s so bloody annoying. I know there are places like Motherhood, unfortunately they’re filled with absolutely hideous crap. I’d rather wear sackcloth and ashes. Of course there is A Pea in a Pod where everything costs roughly the equivalent of the GNP of a small Caribbean nation. Someone even suggested Isabelle Oliver. Only if I win the lottery darling.


11 thoughts on “Almost Four Months Pregnant

  1. Haha at “baby barrel”! I’d send you some of my old stuff but I let it all go because we decided we are done with production of little people a few years ago.

    You only really need 1 pair of pants, 1 dress and a few tops anyway, after all you’re only really huge for 4-5 months.

  2. {Supposedly the baby is now the size of an apple. So could someone explain to me why I’m the size of a bus? } Okay this made me laugh SO LOUD!!! Thank you!!

    You look beautiful!

  3. LOL! As someone who’s been down this road one-two-three-four times, may I suggest Gap and Old Navy online? Sometimes you can get some pretty good sales. AND! you are SO right about Pea in a Pod–I think I can afford panties there, but not much else. Well actually, not ANYTHING else. But they give out free water and orange juice, so I just pretended I was going to buy something till I was sufficiently watered.

  4. Hey! I didn’t know you were pregnant! Congratulations and happy, healthy nine months to you! I totally get you on the maternity clothes. I had a friend give me some of her old maternity clothes and she received some from another friend of ours who is vegan and skinny as all get out. I’m slender, but not bony and in need of a peanut butter sandwich. So she gave me these tops from Forever21 which were way too small for me and also I found them to be a bit juvenile like for teen moms or something. I’m in my mid-thirties (34) so that just wasn’t going to happen. She had some nice things, but what is it about maternity tops where they don’t fit after say the middle of the second trimester. You have your belly hanging out all on the bottom and everything. It’s horrible! I do confess I bought some things from Motherhood Maternity since I couldn’t afford to buy from Pea in the Pod. PITP has some fierce stuff, I’ll say, but agree that you need to rob a bank to be able to afford it and I just couldn’t justify the purchase. I did go to Kohl’s and bought clothes from there which were also made by Motherhood that weren’t too bad. You look great by the way and I will be coming back to track progress on your pregnancy. I have a 3 week old boy so if you have a girl…Just saying (ha ha ha you know I’m playing right?).

  5. Some hints from an Atlantan who had a baby in Summer 2009. 🙂

    Old Navy in Woodstock up I-575 and Gap in Lenox mall have maternity sections in store if you want to try stuff on. Burlington Coat Factory also has a large maternity section with extra cheap stuff. I’ve only been to the one in Kennesaw so I’m not sure if the others do.

  6. Oh, congrats!!!You look great. Have you tried Motherhood Maternity?? The clothes are nice and they offer a wide range of stuff. It is also inexpensive and you can wear the clothes once you have the baby because they are so comfortable. Good luck on your baby!!!!

  7. What sweet exciting news!! Can’t advise on clothing though. I just did big overalls and big shirts.

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