The Price of Style

When I was pregnant with Luke I looked everywhere for a glider/rocker that wasn’t butt-ugly. Having no success, I wound up not buying a rocker at all. I mean seriously, why would I spend $300 to buy something that I will hate to look at everyday? Can you imagine something like this in my house? Just ewww.

Shermag Comfort Nursery Glider & Ottoman Set

This time though, I’m determined to get a glider. I breast-feed and when you’re getting up every two hours you really, really need a comfy chair. I told Whit we can everything else either second-hand or at Ikea, but damnit I want a nice chair.

Luca Glider

Then I came across this thing of beauty. Lovely sleek lines. Can really be used in any room in the house. Just fabulous. Until Whit pointed out that it cost more than our new refrigerator (Samsung, French door bought at Sears Scratch and Dent, love the hell out of it). So, it looks like I’ll be sitting through another pregnancy without a glider.

It’s the same way with pretty much anything pertaining to nurseries. If it’s cool and modern looking you can guarantee it will cost a grip. Check out this fly nursery.

First, can you believe it comes from Wal-Mart? Yeah, I said Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the crib alone costs $300. In the world of nursery stuff, that’s downright cheap, but still outside my budget.

2 thoughts on “The Price of Style

  1. Pretty fly……. for a white nursery!!!!!. Lolz, couldn’t resist.
    Nonetheless, is that a white beam above the bed or a cupboard?

  2. I bought an Arm’s Reach co-sleeper with my first. I loved it because when she woke up at night, I scooped her up next to me to nurse, and when she was done just slid her over and down. She was right next to me, but not in the bed with me. I wanted to co-sleep but was paranoid about rolling over on her.
    It was nice to nurse and not have to get up.
    With the other babies, they just slept in the bed with me. They make these co-sleep aids that are like a big blanket with a gigantic firm cylinder at one side. The idea is, you and your husband sleep on top of it, which holds it onto the bed. The gigantic firm (fabric covered) cylinder goes on the side next to mom. Baby sleeps between mom and cylinder, thus keeping baby from rolling off bed, and from sleeping next to dad who may not be as aware of tiny baby. It looked cool.

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