Maternity Clothes

I’m thinking I won’t need much by way of maternity clothes. I already bought a pair of jeans, a sweater and a shirt. I’ll probably buy a couple more shirts and another pair of jeans. I don’t particularly care for maternity clothes. Unless you go into crazy expensive stuff it’s mostly hideous looking, AND poorly made. I prefer to buy regular clothes that can work before and after pregnancy. I tend to carry low and never really pop, I just get thicker around the middle, so regular clothes are usually okay. Like this fab sweater from Victoria’s Secret. It would look great over some straight leg jeans (NOT jeggings. Not a good look on me. Skinny legs, thick middle).  Not crazy about the colors, would prefer it in a solid, maybe eggplant or a shade of green. Also don’t like the fact that it’s angora. I’m not a “dry-clean only” kind of girl. If you fashionistas see something similar hit me up, okay?

One thought on “Maternity Clothes

  1. I agree with just buying regular clothes. It has the added advantage of forcing one to keep the weight gain in check (so many of us think: “ooooo, I’m eating for two now”, but forget to eat healthy, thus packing on unnecessary weight). Don’t know if you’re the “baby doll blouse” wearing type, but found that worked excellently for me way back then and I can still wear some of these tops with leggings today………………

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