Look What I Got!

Olympus SP-600UZ 12 MP Digital Camera (Silver)

I’ve mentioned repeatedly that my old point and shoot camera died sometime last spring. I’ve been waffling about buying a new camera ever since. I guess the hubster got tired of hearing my noise because he finally bought me a camera yesterday. Isn’t it pretty? Here’s the thing. This is no point and shoot. I think he bought the camera HE’D like the have, because he’s actually a photographer. On the other hand, I barely manage not to chop people’s heads off or get my thumbs in the picture. He set it up on the computer last night. From reading the manual, I know that this thing will do everything but floss your teeth for you. What setting did he put it on for me? Auto. Clearly he’s a man who knows his wife’s limitations well.

Look at this fabulous picture he took of the Luke last night. Seriously that man should be a professional. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Now I can finally show you the awesome table I scored back in August. Can you believe this was less than $200?! From the design and the use of book-matched rosewood veneer I’d say it’s from the 1940s. And the lovely Art Deco design is fabulous. There are four of those solid wood balls and there are shelves on the other side as well. It’s actually large enough to be a console table in a foyer or an occasional table in a living room. I love this thing like damn and whoa!

2 thoughts on “Look What I Got!

  1. I’m loving that camera, awesome husband you’ve got. I’m planning to buy a camera since I decided to take photography seminars and explore my interest since middle school.

    Your son is also adorable and that table looks it can handle a lot of things.

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