Going Off the Grid

Here lately I’ve been doing everything under the sun except write. Deadline’s approaching and my dear editor will rip off my arm and beat me to death with it if I’m late. Besides, baby needs a new pair of shoes and quiet as its kept you don’t get paid for watching marathon episodes of people being eaten by their pets on Animal Planet. Who knew? Anyway, I must bid you a fond farewell. I will be back in a few weeks with some absolutely fabulously astonishing news. (The most astonishing part being that I’ve actually kept a secret.) Anyway, see you guys in a few. Those that need me know where to find me.

2 thoughts on “Going Off the Grid

  1. We’ll look forward to your return. In the meantime, I read “Let’s Do It Again” last week. Yes, I got over my aversion to not having the “real thing” and downloaded my first e-book. You did not dissapoint!

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