Temple St. Clair for Target


I don’t remember a time when I didn’t lust after Temple St. Clair jewelry. Unfortunately, like many fine things they were far, far out of the budget. When I heard she was doing a line for Target, I almost lost it. That ring there to the left? Gawgeous! Y’all know how I feel about heart-shaped jewelry. I want it so badly, and I DO have a birthday coming up.

Unfortunately there are two problems coming between me and the object of my lust: 1. Target gives money to bigots. I cannot in good conscience shop there. 2. I’ve already spent my birthday money on a fabulous bedside table. (No, I haven’t posted a picture because I don’t have my new camera. I’d intended to buy it at Target.)

You know this whole maintaining morals and principles thing gets suckier by the day. *le sigh*

7 thoughts on “Temple St. Clair for Target

  1. You heard wrong. Target gave money to a candidate but to Minnesota Forward, a PAC running ads in support of the campaign of Republican Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.
    Democrats have orchestrated a campaign against Target, allegedly because of Emmer’s (unspecified) “anti-gay” positions. On gay marriage, Emmer has staked out a position that puts him arm in arm with President Obama, that is, he’s for civil unions but not marriage. http://www.emmerforgovernor.com/issues/socialvalues/
    Target donated to Minn Forward http://www.mnforward.com/ because it is a pro-business PAC. What else would anyone expect Target to do?
    BTW, Minn Forward does not have a position on gay marriage. http://www.mnforward.com/issues/

  2. Actually Jim, I understood perfectly well what Target did. They have every right to give their money to whomever they please. I exercise that same right, and my money does not go to bigots.

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