Underarm Discoloration

Dove Ultimate go sleeveless Pearl Finish Deodorant

Update: So, during my pregnancy I notice that Tom’s wasn’t cutting the funk anymore. With some trepidation I decided to try the Dove’s Go Sleeveless antiperspirant. It worked and didn’t darken my armpits. I’d show pictures, but that’s kind of gross. I like the light scent, and it has more staying power than the Tom’s even in this ridiculous summer heat we’re having in Georgia. When Kell was a new baby I didn’t get a chance to shower as often as I’d like and I never got offensive. For me that’s the true test of a deodorant’s power.

Yeah, I’m going there. Underarm discoloration is, well, it’s the pits. I’ve struggled with it forever until I…wait for it…stopped using antiperspirant. I know, it’s blasphemy to even suggest such a thing. Especially for someone like me who is extremely sensitive to smell. But I found out that the aluminum in antiperspirant was causing the discoloration. Of course, that’s just an aesthetic issue, though to me it always looked as though my underarms were dirty and I hate that, but it was hardly the end of the world. Then I started to wonder, if it turns my skin black what exactly is it doing to my body? That was it, no more antiperspirant.  Within weeks the discoloration was GONE. I love Tom’s of Maine, which fortunately is now available at Wal-Mart (Though not in the lemongrass scent which is my fave.)

Tom’s of Maine Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant Stick Lemongrass — 2.25 oz – Vitacost.

5 thoughts on “Underarm Discoloration

  1. I had to stop with the antiperspirant quite a few years ago. I used Tom’s of Maine for a little while but I have lately been using the deodorant crystal roll on. I haven’t had any problems with it. Also if you can find the deodorant by Adidas, it doesn’t have aluminum in it. But I can’t find it any more.

  2. I used Tom’s of Maine (the lavender scented one) and the skin under my arms came off in strips on the second day of use. I emailed the company and they gave me a full refund. Once I started reading reviews of it online, I learned that a lot of other people had the same reaction to it. I’m glad if it works for you but I’ll never go that route again.

    I have had more luck with LUSH brand deodorant.

  3. Interesting. I haven’t had that problem, but I’ve started using a deodorant I make myself with witch hazel, glycerin and essential oils. This time I used grapefruit and sage, they’re very good antibacterials and I like it a lot.

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