Organic Milk

Last year I started to notice that my little guy occasionally suffered from body odor. Now, I’m not talking about that puppy smell kids get after they’ve run and played outside. No, my baby had and odor that smelled like he’d been working on the railroad all the live-long day. Of course I freaked. I just couldn’t imagine having to start using deodorant on a five year old, but I couldn’t have him going around stinking either. As always I checked with Google and what would you know. Other parents were noticing the same thing, and some of them noticed that it stopped when they started using organic milk. I gave them the side-eye on this one. I buy organic yogurt primarily because Stonyfield Farms is the only brand Whit will eat, but with organic milk costing approximately twice as much as regular…Then again, it was cheaper than Right Guard. So I started buying it. It’s been six months and I haven’t smelled him again, and believe me, I have bloodhound DNA I smell everything. What I want to know is, what the hell are they putting in milk that was making my baby funky? We can’t afford to go totally organic, so I’ve simply started having “meatless” days. I buy organic produce, or at least the Dirty Dozen, but damn, you shouldn’t have to pay twice as much to get food that won’t turn your child into a funky mutant. And what about the people who can’t afford organic at all, or who don’t even know it could be a problem? There shouldn’t be anything in our food that hurts our children, period.

3 thoughts on “Organic Milk

  1. This article was very helpful for me because I also have a daughter turning 5 this month who has body odor. We’ve noticed it for the last six months or so. The pediatrician just asked if I noticed any other signs of puberty which I didn’t. He didn’t test her for anything. He just said it’s common in children. How common is it for 5 years old to just have body odor without any other root illness?
    I wonder if dehydration could be a factor?

  2. I suppose dehydration is possible, but I know my son drinks plenty of fluids. I really push water, but seriously you might want to try to organic dairy it really has made a difference. Google it and see how many other people have made the same discovery.

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