Hip Stretches

Areas of Pain

I mentioned before that my hip hurt. I’ve been stretching, icing and taking Advil, but it’s still quite painful. (Spending a week in the car on our road trip probably didn’t help either.) I’ve had good doctors and physical therapists before so I know what to do, but I’m a bit frustrated that I have to do it. I’ll have to back off the running a bit, I’ll continue walking and weight training. I need to hit Pilates hard to strengthen my core and stretch my hips like crazy.

Hip problems are common for women who’ve had children, sometimes our hips don’t realign properly which sets us up for all manner of issues. In my particular case my right leg is now measurably shorter than my left. I was expecting either bursitis in the hip joint, which I’ve had before, or for my sacro-iliac which is a smaller joint in the back of the hip bones to get aggravated. I’ve had intense problems with them before and spent weeks in physical therapy. This hip flexor thing is new, though related to the sacro-iliac problem, apparently when I run I overcompensate for my other issues and aggravated the hip flexor.

Anyway, enough kvetching, I found this great site that’s full of the type exercises my physical therapist had me do. I expect that within a month or so I’ll be out of pain. Wish me luck.

Learn About Hip Stretches – Sports Injury Info.

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