Can You Put a Lining In a Purchased Skirt?

This summer I’ve purchased several simple cotton A-line skirts. Usually I wear long skirts in the summer, but these are knee-length and very comfy. I much prefer wearing them to wearing shorts. Anyway, when I was in New Hampshire I bought a really cute pleated skirt, and it is lined, IN COTTON! (No picture, my camera is still broken.) My mama always lined my skirts in cotton when she made them, but I’ve not seen it in a purchased skirt before.  Normally with my other skirts I wear a slip because I hate the way they wedge up when you don’t, but nylon slips are so hot, and I haven’t had any luck finding cotton slips. So now I’m trying to figure out a way to put cotton linings in my other skirts without taking them apart. I’m thinking that I can just make a lining using a skirt pattern I already have, then just sew them together at the waist. Anyone have any experience with this?

3 thoughts on “Can You Put a Lining In a Purchased Skirt?

  1. Because she’s a professional, and I don’t want to feel like a mooch. That’s like asking a doctor for free health advice. I have some lightweight cotton stashed somewhere I’ll have to see if I have enough.

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