Roz & Whit’s (and The Luke’s) Excellent Adventure

I spent the past week on vacation in the wilds of New Hampshire. We had a lovely time staying with relatives in Exeter. We drove up over three days stopping in Charlotte with relatives and in Pennsylvania at a hotel. The trip wasn’t nearly as difficult as I expected and really gave me great hopes for a road trip I want to make to Yellowstone in a couple of years. I have no pictures of our fabulous trip. My camera chose this summer to die, and I haven’t had a chance to research any new ones. (If you know of any good point & shoots, hit me up.) One thing I really enjoyed about Exeter was the walkability of the town. Fabulous restaurants and pubs are within walking distance and we had a fabulous time. I managed to get in a couple of good workouts and we spent a day sightseeing in Portsmouth as well. Another lovely city with terrific gardens. Presumably with their short growing season New Hampshire-ites are absolutely gardening mad. It was fabulous to see. Luke was especially delighted with the camping trip he took with his dad, uncle and cousins. Apparently the highlight of the trip was toasting marshmallows and peeing in the woods. I of course didn’t go off on that little sojourn, I stopped sleeping on the ground when Uncle Sam stopped paying me to do so!

I did a decent job maintaining my diet, though I wasn’t manic about it. I did have a couple of cocktails and a Guinness (Stout is remarkably low-carb, but of course, it still hits the old metabolism). I didn’t totally lose my mind, though, so I didn’t have any of the wonderful desserts! I probably ate more trail mix than was good for me. Apparently the workouts and walking helped because I didn’t gain a single pound! I think I might have lost one or two, but I don’t weigh in again until Friday.

One thought on “Roz & Whit’s (and The Luke’s) Excellent Adventure

  1. Sounds like a great trip. I bought an Olympus FE-340 when Gabe broke my old camera. I got it used off of eBay and the camera plus charger and battery only cost me about $35. It is a great little 8 megapixel point and shoot but it has enough features to keep things interesting. I highly recommend Olympus point and shoots.

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