Sports Bras

How many sports bras do I own? At least five and I’ve probably “lost” more than that. (Long story, don’t ask. I have a habit of losing bras, even when I like them.) Now ask me how many of my bras I actually like. One. Just one. And why is this one so good? Well for one thing it holds the girls in place, even when I do jumping jacks. And almost as importantly the damned thing zips up the front. By necessity sports bras are made to fit tightly. So what masochistic contortionist decided that they should go over your freaking head? Clearly it was someone a helluva  lot more flexible than me! So what do I do to keep my lone bra fresh? I wash it every night in the sink. It’s held up remarkably well. I know I need to get a couple more, but I don’t remember paying $42 for it! I must have, but usually I don’t drop that kind of cash on anything but Wacoal.

Champion Double Dry Zip-Front Sports Bra | Champion.

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