I ran today. A total of two miles. I ran the last mile nonstop without any intervals in between. This represents an absolutely massive change in my mindset. I don’t enjoy running. Left to my own devices I would probably do nothing but read, write, eat bread, cheese, tomatoes and olives washed down with copious amounts of really good wine.

I run every day because that’s what it takes to maintain my body. I think it’s absurd that it took me to darn near middle-age to get the simple fact that I have to maintain my body the same way I maintain my car, and for the same reason: Maintenance is significantly cheaper than repairs. Crazy that I would never be irresponsible and not maintain my car. Why was I more careful about a thing than I was a body that I have to live in for the rest of my life? Talk about fucknuttery.

No, running is not fun, but then neither are oil changes. Or tune-ups. Or system flushes. Or all the other crap I have done to my car. I don’t look forward to any of those either, but it’s irresponsible not to do them. I think that’s where people, at least people like me get derailed. We’ve been told that fitness is supposed to be fun, and when it isn’t we feel like some type of failure. I’ve thought something was wrong with me for years because I don’t enjoy exercise, but now I get it:


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