Miss Ernestine Shepherd So Totally Rocks!

This morning I was watching GMA and saw this fabulous lady. She just started working out twenty years ago, and now she’s the world’s oldest female bodybuilder at…wait for it…SEVENTY-FOUR. I don’t know about you, but she’s an incredible inspiration for me. She didn’t start working out until she was in her fifties, surely it’s not too late for me.

6 thoughts on “Miss Ernestine Shepherd So Totally Rocks!

  1. I tell my students in fitness to leave the age number outside the fitness studio. There is no numbers while you are achieving your strengthening and cardio exercises on a routine basis; age numbers are determined when one allows the body toxic fat to take over, as well as decrease in metabolism, energy, then, these factors determine one’s old age number. Young age numbers can be up to over one hundred when fully engaged in a routine resistance and aerobic cardio regimen. I hear it most frequently from my newer students, the age number means they can’t do it, or may have not exercised at all, in my young womens comments. However, they all truly amaze me, and themselves, proving that they ARE able to be more and to do more for themselves before allowing the deterioration process to begin and feel the pain of age. Oh wow! We can reverse the effects, signs of old age that do happen in young age by staying fit! Exercise at least a minimum of 45minutes per day. Two hours every two days. Begin at recommended by doctor levels, depending on age.
    Francine Kelly
    Zumba Instructor

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