Let’s Do It Again Has Been Released!!!

Can you get a do-over in love?

Teenaged lovers Jack and Dyanne had to get married when an unplanned pregnancy spoiled their fun. After enduring seventeen years in a hollow marriage Dyanne divorced Jack and struck out on her own. Now, five years after their divorce, Dyanne realizes that she still wants him — at least for sex — so she propositions him for a post-marital affair.

Jack’s willing to do anything to get Dyanne back. Even though she insists there are no feelings left between them, he knows better. He’s been waiting all this time for an opportunity to show her how good they can be. Together they explore the limits of their sexual desires in a way that was never possible when they were married.

Dyanne’s surprised to discover that they’re having a great time. Jack doesn’t want it to end there. Fun and games are all well and good, but can they really overcome the disaster that was their marriage and try one more time?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Do It Again Has Been Released!!!

  1. This is fantastic news, Roslyn! I can’t wait to read this highly anticipated book!!!!! 😀 I’m sure you’re equally excited to finally see the finished product. Great job!

  2. Congrats! I got a Kindle for my bday and as soon as I figure out how to purchase and upload to it, I’ll be reading!

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