Bird Mobile

I don’t know if I mentioned this lady’s blog before, but she makes birds, really fabulous birds. Her fabric placement is incredible and I like them very much. I had decided to use her technique to make myself a bunch of “storm crows,” as in my band’s name in  Rock Star, but the other night I was gazing up at the vaulted ceiling in my living room (which is gradually becoming my library) and realized that I need a mobile up there. I can’t imagine anything more fabulous than a storm crow mobile. I’m sketching out some ideas and I’ll share them when I get something together.

I’m inspired, of course, by the library in the picture. I’ve always wanted a person library, but it never occurred to me that it should be more than a place to keep my books. This guy is crazy wealthy and has fabulous stuff, but hey, I’ve traveled, I’ve got cool things too. (Yeah, he has Sputnik and I have homemade crows, but hey, it’s a literary reference, dammit. You can’t take that away from me.) I only need a few more things for my library, but we’ve finally got the furniture placed how we want it. Now we’ve just got to find just a few more pieces. I’m so impatient, but it is coming together beautifully.

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