Demi Moore Made Me Ashamed

I know, hard to believe. First words of wisdom from Liz Hurley, now Demi Moore. After her little Twitter brouhaha with Kim Kardashian over the use of the word “pimp” I realized that I too had bought into the casual use of this word. And yes, it is wrong. I’ve decided never to use it out of context again. Interestingly enough, this actually hit home particularly hard when I was working on Let’s Do It Again. Dyanne, my heroine is reflecting on she’d lost what I originally referred to as her “pimp hand” in her relationship with Jack. It’s a funny line and I had to change it to “game hand.” It was a painful decision, but the right one. Some things are just not to be played with, and pimping is one of them. So thanks Demi for the lesson. I certainly should’ve known better.

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