Have I Been Thinking Too Much Again?

After a very long wait we finally got the Dr. Seuss book about the Sneetches from Paperback Swap. Obviously it’s been a long time since I’d read it, but it had always been a fave. Imagine my horror to discover that the book that I always thought of as an example of the stupidity of racism, is also an example of the stupidity of the marginalized as well. Instead of forming their own clubs and playing their own games they stand around all sad-faced and pathetic while the star-bellied Sneetches are out having fun and excluding them. As I am a champion of “never let the mofos see you sweat”  this book is truly a wall-banger.

I feel the same way about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. All these people abuse and scorn him until they find his “affliction” useful to them. I’m sorry, but first had I been Rudolph’s mama I would’ve body-slammed his father for being ashamed of him. (What’s with this whole Daddy being ashamed of their child for being different meme? It’s in Happy Feet as well, and otherwise stellar movie.) Having been bullied for much of my childhood if the same were to happen to my child I want him to hold his head up high, and when they come running to him to use his red nose I want him to have enough pride to tell them to suck it. Is that wrong?

I don’t like the Giving Tree because that damned tree gave the boy everything totally without any reciprocity. A horrific message for children and don’t even get me started on the Roald Dahl book Esio Trot. He totally scammed Mrs. Silver and he never gets any type penalty for it. Damn, and I thought the fairy tales were effed up. Children’s lit is really starting to get a side-eye from me.

5 thoughts on “Have I Been Thinking Too Much Again?

  1. I also hate “The Rainbow Fish” for the very same reasons. I feel it sends the wrong message as well. You look too pretty, mess yourself up and we’ll be your friend.

    Whenever I read “The Giving Tree” to my 3 daughters, I have to add comments like” the selfish boy” and the “nice but really gullible tree”. Then I say, it’s great to be loving and giving, but not to the point that you don’t say some stuff for yourself. I really hate this book. I think I finally threw it out in a fit of rage.

  2. Haven’t encountered The Rainbow Fish, thanks for the heads up. Yeah, The Giving Tree mysteriously disappeared as did Rudolph. I’m thinking the Sneetches is going the same way.

  3. Ooooooooooooooooooo don’t get me started. I say the SAME thing to my kids every. single. time. we read the book or watch the cartoon. I always emphasize that the plain bellied sneetches couldn’gve had their own *bleep* party, *bleep* the star-bellied snobs. (Of course, I leave out the profanity, but I sure do think it!)

    Look how much money they spent trying to be cool! How much time they wasted! How much unneeded stress!

    Love the rhymes though.

    PamC, I found the Rainbow Fish so offensive, that after reading it to my daughter, I explained why those hatin’ fish weren’t the rainbow’s friend. Then I promptly put the book in the “to donate” bag.

  4. I think I’m a bit of a militant mama because I’m always telling Luke to do his own thing. If somebody doesn’t want to play with you go find somebody else to play with and never let them see you sweat. Glad I missed that Rainbow Fish book I probably would’ve gone off on somebody. But seriously, what are these stories teaching our children?

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