USAA & Zappos Great Customer Service!

Thursday I did something really stupid with my ATM card and of course USAA locked me out. I dreaded calling them figuring I’d wind up talking to someone with bad English and they’d put me through some procedure that made no sense. At the very least I expected to have to wait for a new card. Instead I actually had PLEASANT customer service representative, who was actually AMERICAN. After verifying my information she reset my card, no muss, no fuss. Yay USAA!!!

I got a great deal on some sandals for the Luke at Zappos. Unfortunately, I ordered them too small. He just took a growth spurt and now wears a size TWO. Anyway, I called them up and again got an AMERICAN who was unbelievably pleasant. Yes, pleasant. Within minutes she did the exchange, emailed me a label to return the shoes and took my order for another pair. Good customer service isn’t dead y’all. Seriously I’m almost misty eyed.

2 thoughts on “USAA & Zappos Great Customer Service!

  1. Roslyn,
    As a USAA employee, I have to say thanks for the compliment! Very proud to work for a company that provides excellent, U.S.-based customer service!


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