Decorating Imponderables

It’s funny how things have a way of coming together serendipitously. I didn’t start out decorating my guest bedroom, yet that’s the room that’s come together first. I had thought about making some type of coverlet, but while wandering around Target today, I found the perfect black and taupe bedspread. On clearance no less! The room will be a rich taupe, with white trim. The curtains will be the black and white floral print, with the second bold floral on a boudoir chair in the room. The other fabrics will be accents. I’d also like to do some pillows similar to these.

Having come to my senses and realized that a flokati would never work in my bedroom, I think the guest bedroom is low-traffic enough that it might actually survive intact sans cat hair.

All these choices met with the approval of my mother-in-law. Given that she will be the primary occupant of our guest bedroom and is a woman of impeccable taste I was delighted with her response. Of course, all these choices are subject to change based on my tastes and the budget.

As for my room, I’m mad for the chocolate, pear and spa blue combination so prevalent right now, but I fear that it will become the apricot and sea foam green of this millennium so I’m forced to seek another direction. Typically I shop for a bargain, and limit myself to fabric stores that sell fabric that is below $10 a yard. That doesn’t keep me from exploring the pricey places for inspiration however. Tonight I spied this beauty:

I adore the way this fabric reflects the light and looks like a watercolor. I fear however that it would be overwhelming as drapes, and I’d tire of it. I’d probably use it on the boudoir chair and accent pillows. And when you look at it with the two fabrics I’ve already chosen for the room, it looks like I might have a winner. What do y’all think?

2 thoughts on “Decorating Imponderables

  1. That fabric is gorgeous. I agree that it’s reminiscent of a watercolor painting. It looks great with the colors you’ve already chosen although I might opt for a richer yellow/gold as a solid.

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