I Have Found IT! (Okay Not Really)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done home decor and I’d forgotten what a long process finding the right fabric can be. I need to do window treatments for four rooms. One is a no-brainer, roman shades for the den. I’ll pick a nice neutral and have at it. The two bedrooms, especially the master is a totally different story. Usually I’m led by the fabric. I find something I have to have and that’s all she wrote. In a way that’s what’s happened here. I actually found the fabric I love fairly early in the process.

I adore the floral print on the left, it’s absolutely gorgeous. And miracle of miracles I actually like the coordinating stripe as well. Here’s the problem. About the only color I can paint a room with those curtains is taupe, and a deep taupe at that. My guest bedroom is really, really dark, though my first inclination is to put it in there because it’s also a pricier fabric and I’d only need five yards for that room as opposed to the twenty-five I need for the master bedroom. (Don’t ask. Due to the ridiculously placed windows in that room I’ve got to drape and entire wall.)

The more I look at it though I might not have to go as dark with the taupe as I initially thought. I am thinking that the stripe is too heavy, even for a chair and throw pillows. I think I like the idea of keeping it very light in this room, as it tends to get very warm because it faces west and gets afternoon sun. Okay, guest bedroom it is. One room out of four, not bad.

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