Let’s Do it Again–The Final Chapter

I’ve learned a lot while writing this book. For one thing these characters are some of the most complex characters I’ve ever created. It took me a while to get inside their heads. Interestingly enough, I’ve also written it backwards, similar to how I wrote Rock Star. I wrote a bunch of scenes and gradually knitted them together. For instance, this last scene I’m working on is actually the first scene in the book. Six months ago when I first came up with this concept I envisioned a different opening scene, but as I’ve come to know these characters I’ve realized that they need more. So though I still think it’s funnier than hell, Dyanne is not wearing a Versace leather bustier with Jack handcuffed to the bed in the first chapter, though that certainly goes down shortly thereafter. I used to think this was a crazy way to write a book, but now I’m coming to realize that I’m simply not a linear person and that for me it sometimes makes more sense to write the scenes as they come to me. That won’t be the case with every book, sometimes I know the characters inside and out. But, if I have another book where I struggle with character development I think I’ll probably go this this route again.

I’ve also been feeling kind of “prosey” with this book, which is unusual for me. Coming from a non-fiction/instructional copy background I have a tendency to be a “just the facts” kind of writer. Here lately though, I’ve been getting kind of lyrical. For instance this sentence from the last scene in the book:

The waves crashed into the craggy shore in a crystalline dance as though delighted to create a dazzling backdrop for the celebrating occurring a few yards up the beach.

I had to re-write the beginning because sensuality has more impact and leads the story better if you know the characters a bit first. So, even though these two have a very long and storied history together, there are still moments of erotic tension between them. Without that a romance just isn’t a romance, thus the rewrite.

I think it’s one of my best, and no, I’m not just saying that. Of course, Lisa hasn’t read it yet, and you all know what a bitch she can be.

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