As y’all know I’ve been on a quest for a coffee table now for about five years, or at least as long as the Luke’s been walking. We got rid of our old table when he began “cruising” because it was too lightweight and he would end up falling. We have a very large den (12′ x 20′) and needed a fairly good-sized table. Look what I found on Craig’s List for $150!!! That top is slate, and unfortunately it’s still in the back of my van because it’s too heavy for Whit and I to lift. He’s going to get a neighbor to help tonight. But isn’t it gorgeous?

I do love thrifting and buying from consignment stores. I love to find stuff that you don’t see everywhere and of course, I’m always trying to do it on the cheap.

Got an email invite for a consignment store bus tour. It’s only $35 and includes lunch. Whit says I should go. I wish my BFF Marilyn were here. She’s usually my running buddy for thrifting, but I left all my friends behind in Huntsville. It’s a lot harder to make friends here because I’m a SAHM and don’t get out much. I’ll probably go I might meet some fellow thrifting addicts.

bus tour

Got this great book from Paperback Swap on making window treatments.

It came out nearly 20 years ago, so the pictures are very dated, but the techniques are stellar. The instructions are dead-on. I had it years ago and lost it in one of my moves. It has very good directions for making every type of window treatment on earth. I plan to make a roman shade for our master bath, and linen pinch-pleated draperies for our bedroom.

I can’t decide between the blue and the green, so I might wind up doing both. I plan to make a wing-back headboard, but I haven’t found a print fabric I adore yet. Well, actually I have, but it’s $15 a yard. I need something less than $10 a yard, so I’m still looking. I’ve got to really love this because I need EIGHT 96″ long panels. That’s a helluva lot of sewing, but when I priced linen pinched pleats ready-made they were more than $200 PER PANEL. Pinched-pleats are so elegant, but when you make them out of softened linen it takes on a more casual feel. Of course, linen costs the earth, but I found a fabulous discount linen place, and most of the fabric is less than $7 a yard! SCORE!!!

2 thoughts on “Scored!

  1. What an unusual and stunning coffee table! I have recently moved to a new home and am on a quest to fill it with pretty, meaningful pieces – of course the 2 do not neccessarily go hand in hand! I too am on lookout for the perfect coffee table though I doubt I can wait as long as you have – I am way to impatient. Currently we are leaning towards a simple , big ottoman – which ideally would provide extra seating if required and storage. Preferably plain coloured but in an interest adding fabric like linen, heavy cotton twill or a sumptuous velvet. Most of our living room is quite neutral so maybe use this for a pop of colour. I have to say we in the UK just don’t have as much choice as our lucky US cousins. I have been toying with getting it custom-made as have not had much luck in finding the right one but with quotes of £500 (Nearly a thousand dollars, I think!!!) it is not an option I am happy to go with. And those are the cheapest quotes BTW…In the meantime I am keeping my eyes peeled. We don’t have anything like Craiglist here (darnit!!;-D) and there is quite literally only one store that does sell quality, timeless pieces at reasonable prices. But, stock sells so FAST you have to practically haunt the store to score. Oh well. Have fun with your new table!

  2. I love finding good used furniture. It’s green and economical! Plus I’m really into sanding and refinishing. My housemate wanted a sofa bed and was prepared to buy a new one which I thought was unnecessary. She scored by finding one on Craigslist that was less than 3 months old because the husband didn’t like the color. Ha. They could’ve reupholstered it with some fabric and a glue gun. Oh well…

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