Loss Jewelry

My second angel baby was a stillbirth at 5 months. I don’t have anything from my other two losses, but a very kind nurse managed to get hand and footprints from the daughter I lost in December 2006. I treasure those prints and am terrified I will lose them. It’s my only proof that my baby ever existed and for a long time I thought about getting them tattooed on me. Then I saw the jewelry at this site. I think it’s beautiful and plan to get this necklace of her hand and footprints. It’s not that I think I’ll forget. My mama lost four and she told me that you never forget, but I want something that commemorates her.

5 thoughts on “Loss Jewelry

  1. Roslyn:

    So sorry for your losses. We have so much in common, from having 5 year olds, to marrying outside our race to stillbirths and miscarriages. Through the laughter and the tears, we just keep on trucking.

    Thanks so much for the link. God bless.


  2. None of my losses were far enough along to get something like a foot or handprint. That is why I have stars around my dragon tattoo…one for each of the babies I’ve lost. It’s a hell of a lot of stars.

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