Handwriting Without Tears

This summer I plan to work with The Luke on writing. Last year we worked on reading, so this year we’ll do writing. That way he’ll be good to go going into the first grade. Heard about this wonderful program called Handwriting Without Tears. Fortunately I got the teacher’s guide on Paperback Swap. So I went to the HWT site to get the printing book. It’s $6.85. Explain to me then why S&H is $5.95? It just bugs the hellouttame to pay $6 in S&H for a $7 book!!! Yes, I know it’s still less than $20 and it shouldn’t bother me, but it does ever so much. What do you think? Am I being obsessively cheap here, or is there a point? If I could buy the damned book locally there wouldn’t be a problem, but I can’t find any local vendors. I know I’ll buy it eventually, but I ship books all the time because I’m on Paperback Swap. I’ve shipped hardbacks for $3. So explain to me why they’re charging twice that? Feels like a rip-off to me.

One thought on “Handwriting Without Tears

  1. It feels like it, because it is. I personally think it’s a way for them to make money. They pull you in with the cheapness of the item. They make up for it in the shipping and handling.

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