Addendum to My Bucket List

Can’t believe I forgot this. In addition to eating my way across Italy, I also want to see a humpback whale. In it’s own habitat, not caged up somewhere. In case you haven’t noticed I’m opposed to caging wild animals, though I do acknowledge that given our inability to share this planet with other living beings it is necessary to cage some to preserve the species. I adore whales, actually I love animals period, but I think whales are absolutely stellar. What’s not to love? Imagine weighing 40 tons and being able to breech out of the water this way. Scientists don’t know why the do it, but I’m pretty sure I do: Because they can.

One thought on “Addendum to My Bucket List

  1. It’s really beautiful seeing a whale, I was on a ferry coming from an island in San Juan De Fucas and saw a gray whale it was breathtaking. Seen a pod of killer whales out in Puget Sound too. It’s worth it however you do it.

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