Denim Sailor Skirt

Lauren by Ralph Lauren 'Avery' Denim Skirt (Petite)

I bought a new skirt today. I’ve never had a skirt that’s so high-waisted, and I’m incredibly short-waisted. I’m thinking that maybe a high-waisted skirt on a short-waisted woman is a “Don’t,” but it still looked cute, so I dunno. It’s got a little stretch to it, so it’s crazy comfy. I could dress it up or down, which is crucial for my budget.

Whit says it’s figure-flattering. I paid a little more than I normally do, but it’s Ralph Lauren and his clothes always give me such a dreamy fit so I’m willing to splurge. Because the buttons are so big I was thinking about just a plain white cotton shirt. I

3 thoughts on “Denim Sailor Skirt

  1. Oh that is adorable, very cute. I bought some camo cargo shorts for my Mexico vacation so it’s very casual.

  2. I’m reading a book on fit, and I think it said that high waisted is flattering on a short-waisted woman. I guess I should double check. 😉

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